The Colour of Life

iCAP Services logoLast summer had been unseasonally wet and cool. If I could select a colour to describe this past summer, I would be hard pressed picking a bright, lively colour. Instead, I would probably select a dark bluish-grey to describe the cloudy and wet conditions. After weeks of this bluish-grey summer, I decided to cast my mind back to the last time I experienced what I call the ‘colour of life’.

What do I mean by the colour of life?

It was during a trip to South America, in particular Peru, when I was reminded of life’s colours. I remembered how every day of my holiday brought with it the joy of colour. Peru was a veritable rainbow of positive experiences and the vibrant energy of place, people and landscape.

Colourful women of Puno, PeruI experienced the unexpected and warm hello from a perfect stranger, the eager anticipation of a new adventure each day, the physical colour of the clothes the locals wore, and the brilliance of ticking a life-long dream off my bucket list when I finally stepped foot onto Machu Picchu. These were the things that brought colour to my life. Now, I often return to these experiences in my mind’s eye to recapture those uplifting moments and bring them with me into my everyday life.

The bluish-grey summer days would quickly turn into a brilliant aqua and I could take this new mood with me into the rest of the day.

What brings colour into your life?

How can you relive that positive feeling and take it with you during the day to lift your mood and see things from a different perspective? Ask yourself this:

What colour is happy?
What colour instils the idea of strength or confidence?
What colour might you imagine could bring you resilience to help you through a difficult situation?

In the same way we experience different emotions affecting different parts of our body, studies show that different colours may inspire different moods in people. How might you take colour with you to help you along in your day? Would a red tie boost your confidence during a particularly difficult meeting? Would choosing green socks help you connect with the calm of nature in a rush-hour concrete jungle? Maybe a pink shirt pampers you when you’ve hit a rough patch and need some soothing?

Take some time and figure out what colour does your life need today.

Tina is a Counsellor, Art Therapist and Psychotherapist in private practice in Wollongong.

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