What clients are saying

I contacted Tina to ask for some help in dealing with some problems I was encountering which I knew were in her area of expertise…after a couple of hours of consulting I feel that we had made a lot of progress.

K. L.

My Sandplay session with Tina proved to be very helpful and insightful. Tina is a very skillful therapist who has an amazing presence around her. During the whole process, which I found to be a very interesting and revealing journey, she was very encouraging, supportive and professional. She facilitated a deeper understanding of my inner world. I think Tina has a very unique style and a great ability to relate and help people who feel ‘stuck’ in life. Thank you Tina.

A. S.

My experience of sand play with Tina has been very insightful. I was amazed to learn about the dynamics of the unconscious mind. I picked the objects that initially seemed unreal and weird and placed them so perfectly in the tray, precisely how they were placed in importance in my life, at that point in time. It was great to work with Tina, who was very gentle in her enquiry and facilitated me in thinking about how I related to the objects in my present situation. It indeed was insightful.

Name withheld

Doing sandplay with Tina was an amazing experience! Through this beautiful, creative and powerful approach to therapy I was able to connect with some deeply felt things and to identify aspects of my life which needed attention. Tina’s sensitive and thoughtful facilitation brought the process to life, and I gained a lot of insight from our work together. I highly recommend Tina.

A. W.

I saw Tina at a time when I felt uncertain and worried about my next steps for my future. I was at a crossroads, not knowing what to do. During our sessions Tina was present and asked very insightful questions. She created a supportive environment where I could meet my fears, my strengths and my worries.

C. M.

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