Battle scars and their stories

Being a chronic tree climber as a child, I was always being scratched or stabbed or bruised by errant branches and rough bark. The next day at school, there’d be a parade of said scratches with proclamations and details of how they all came about. Each friend would have the opportunity to display and brag until all new physical scars were ... continue reading

Weeding out stress

Have you had the type of day where public transport is late, you need to have that difficult conversation you’ve been putting off, erratic drivers have been popping up everywhere, a poor school report has been flagged, a work project is not going to plan, and a vital piece of equipment has just blown up when you need it the most? These are the ... continue reading

Tina Pitsiavas interviewed for an article in the Illawarra Mercury

I was approached to offer some insights on the causes of broken engagements and how a broken engagement may affect the wellbeing of those involved. Read my article Breaking up is hard to do, as published in the Illawara Mercury. Tina is a Counsellor, Art Therapist and Psychotherapist in private practice in Wollongong. Leave a comment ... continue reading