The Colour of Life

Last summer had been unseasonally wet and cool. If I could select a colour to describe this past summer, I would be hard pressed picking a bright, lively colour. Instead, I would probably select a dark bluish-grey to describe the cloudy and wet conditions. After weeks of this bluish-grey summer, I decided to cast my mind back to the last time I ... continue reading

Your new best friend

An important meeting had been scheduled at work for the Monday morning. All attendees were notified and it was crucial for our project that no mistakes were made by us during this meeting. I remember spending the entire weekend, prior to the meeting, polishing up a report for the presentation that loomed. I gave up a scheduled social engagement, ... continue reading

When am I?

The radio alarm came to life at 6.25 am and filled the room with the usual morning show chatter. As consciousness came to me, I became aware of the radio announcer’s guest talking about his family history, hardships and events that led to their migration to Australia as refugees. During this conversation, he mentioned the words of wisdom his ... continue reading