Effective mental health treatment

iCAP Services logoEarlier this year, the New York post ran an article that supports the shift that is currently underway for the treatment of mental health issues.

An holistic approach to mental illness is slowly gaining support. In this article, the US Army and Navy concede that prescription drugs alone are not the answer to the mental health issues facing their combat veterans. They are now looking at expanding their treatments to include yoga, acupuncture and talk therapy as well as prescription drugs.

Mental health issuesDo you have an experience you’d like to share about an holistic approach to mental health? Did you find your medication and treatment was more effective when coupled with counselling or other allied health services?

Tina is a Counsellor, Art Therapist and Psychotherapist in private practice in Wollongong.

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  1. This article is really superb because it says that we can’t treat our problems with just drugs. We need social and mental support also.

  2. I totally agree.My medication and treatment was more effective when coupled with counselling.This is a great help to me.I enjoyed doing yoga and talk therapy.I can sense the improvements in me and my family also noticed the good change in me.I highly recommend these to everyone who suffers mental illness too.

  3. This is a very nice approach to mental health. I was introduced to Yoga by my Husband a while ago and I have found it surprisingly good. I would be interested in seeing more posts related to this topic.

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