Recycling relationships

With plums in season and our tree overflowing, I decided to try my hand at making plum jam. Having started off well, the process soon turned horribly pear-shaped (pardon the fruity pun). The sugar I’d added and not stirred sufficiently stuck to the bottom of the pan and had become a lump of black, ashen-flavoured toffee. Beyond saving for ... continue reading

Show stoppers and other roadblocks

I was filling out a form the other day and when entering the date, I sighed and said to the customer service officer, 'I can’t believe its December already! Where did this year go?' She smiled and agreed that another year had flown by for her too and added, 'I wanted to do so much this year but didn’t find the time to do anything … maybe next ... continue reading

Emotional eat-elligence

News came to me that my Greek grandmother had suddenly passed away while I was working in Colorado many years ago. I found myself in a foreign country without my support system of friends and family. These were the people with whom I could share my memories and grief. I felt lost that particular day and of no use at work so I left early to be ... continue reading

You’re up and you’re down

Last weekend, I was entertaining friends who had stopped by the house for a coffee and a catch up. Once we settled down into our comfortable banter, the conversation soon turned to their latest mountain biking adventure where they described in detail the terrain and effort needed to complete the course. The route included steep uphills where ... continue reading

Diagnosis by brain scan

There has been much excitement in the press recently on research claiming that a particular type of brain scan is able to diagnose mental health disorders, in particular PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The Magnetoencephalography (MEG) scan is a technique for mapping brain activity by recording magnetic fields produced by electrical ... continue reading

When am I?

The radio alarm came to life at 6.25 am and filled the room with the usual morning show chatter. As consciousness came to me, I became aware of the radio announcer’s guest talking about his family history, hardships and events that led to their migration to Australia as refugees. During this conversation, he mentioned the words of wisdom his ... continue reading

Weeding out stress

Have you had the type of day where public transport is late, you need to have that difficult conversation you’ve been putting off, erratic drivers have been popping up everywhere, a poor school report has been flagged, a work project is not going to plan, and a vital piece of equipment has just blown up when you need it the most? These are the ... continue reading