Art Therapy: a safe way to express loss

Whilst working with drug and alcohol affected adolescents, I was asked to reflect on Art Therapy and the benefits that might be gained from using art to safely express emotions. Read the article on Art Therapy and how it might help dealing with loss, as published in the Illawara Mercury. Tina is a Counsellor, Art Therapist and Psychotherapist ... continue reading

The Colour of Life

Last summer had been unseasonally wet and cool. If I could select a colour to describe this past summer, I would be hard pressed picking a bright, lively colour. Instead, I would probably select a dark bluish-grey to describe the cloudy and wet conditions. After weeks of this bluish-grey summer, I decided to cast my mind back to the last time I ... continue reading

Effective mental health treatment

Earlier this year, the New York post ran an article that supports the shift that is currently underway for the treatment of mental health issues. An holistic approach to mental illness is slowly gaining support. In this article, the US Army and Navy concede that prescription drugs alone are not the answer to the mental health issues facing their ... continue reading

Excuses … excuses …

The other day I was admonished by a friend (in a kind way) for not returning his call. It was a few days later when I finally spoke to him. “So you finally deigned to call me back”, he jokingly chided. The funny thing was that before I called him, I was trying to come up with excuses as to why it took me a while to call him back. I was on the ... continue reading

Your new best friend

An important meeting had been scheduled at work for the Monday morning. All attendees were notified and it was crucial for our project that no mistakes were made by us during this meeting. I remember spending the entire weekend, prior to the meeting, polishing up a report for the presentation that loomed. I gave up a scheduled social engagement, ... continue reading

Bubble trouble

Having recently begun university studies, I noticed that not only was I feeling excitement about embarking on this new mission, there was something else going on that I couldn’t quite put a name, a feeling or a face to. During the enrolment process, working out timetables and selecting tutorials, it became clear to me that I was ready for this ... continue reading

Battle scars and their stories

Being a chronic tree climber as a child, I was always being scratched or stabbed or bruised by errant branches and rough bark. The next day at school, there’d be a parade of said scratches with proclamations and details of how they all came about. Each friend would have the opportunity to display and brag until all new physical scars were ... continue reading